Ch. ANU-UJIN: “Myself and my parallel universes 2″

"Myself and my parallel universes" exhibition - Installation view

Exhibition dates: November 16 – 23, 2009

The gallery is enclosed in darkness, and one’s ears are confronted by an eerie music. Two nurses are carrying something on stretchers from one corner of the room to the other, which adds to the atmosphere of uncertainty. The strange figures depicted on the fluorescent paintings on the wall, which are only visible under black lights, are beyond this world.

This is Anu-Ujin’s universe. This time around she has tried many different mediums to illustrate these universes – paintings, black lights, video art, performance art (the nurses have turned out to be carrying apples from one corner to the other and connecting them to an elaborate setup – a ritual emphasizing the curing quality of art).

Anu-Ujin (her real name is Gerelchimeg), born in 1979, has graduated from the Institute of Fine arts in 2005 with an art major. She is a member of the “Blue sun” contemporary art center.

For more information about this exhibition please call XanaduART gallery at 976-11-310239 (Mongolian) or e-mail (English).